What A Stray Dog Did After Being Saved, Melted Her Rescuer’s Heart

Janine Guido, the founder of Speranza Animal Rescue, established the Rescue a few years ago and since that time many dogs have been saved. The Rescue is registered as 501c3 non-profit. Guido received a call about a stray dog wandering around in a neighborhood in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  The Pit Bull was eating from the garbage in the back of an alley. Guido described what happens in the video on Speranza Animal Rescue’s Facebook page; “I got a call this morning regarding a stray dog in Harrisburg. She was seen sleeping on a lady’s front porch.  By the time I got there she had left…

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I decided to drive around for a few minutes and that’s when I spotted her – eating out of a pile of trash. I got out of my car and tried to approach her. Her tail was tucked tight , and she gave me a growl as if saying back off. I continued to follow her down through several alleys. She would keep looking back at me – show me her teeth and let out a few more barks.”, he explained.

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“After about 10 minutes of this , she came to a stop.  She stood there and stared at me. I knew this was my chance. What she did next absolutely made my heart sink – she lifted her left paw up at my face and then so gently curled up into a ball in my lap. She looked up at me with those eyes and gave me a quick kiss on the forehead. A kiss that was her way of saying thank you.”

“Welcome to the family , Dolly ♡”

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