What happens when your cat takes photos with your phone? Awesomeness does.

Cats are amazing. And obviously, they take amazing selfies, probably way better than yours.

Here in these pictures, cats are taking selfies, or trying to, and failing.

1-Cats do not do duck faces. Poker faces are way better. What a professional selfie.


2-But some cats do not have the ability to take selfies, or worse, they don’t even know where the camera button is. But however, cats always look good, so it doesn’t really matter.


3-Some cats do not even know where the camera is. So as a result, when they look at their selfie, they find out that they put their face a little bit too close.


4-Cats and their friends like to take selfies just as much as humans do, and apparently, they like to photo bomb their friends too.


5-Cats even like morning selfies! They take morning selfies from bed, with the hashtag I woke up like this.


6-Well, even bad cats get to take dangerous selfies! That way, humans won’t think of him as a softie, or a cute kitty.


7-Cats, however, do not like to take selfies with their human. They started fighting, meowing, so they could ruin the selfies. The reason is still unknown.


8-Despite their hopeless tries to not take a selfie with their human, their human will do everything so they could take that selfie. Cats, to escape as quickly as possible, put on a grumpy face.


9-Cats like revenge. So when they see their humans taking a selfie, they take the spotlight off them, and that’s because they think they are capable of everything. Which is really true.


10-In your sleep or when you’re not at home, know that cats do practice taking selfies. They are plotting to take over the internet with their selfies. They succeed everything, FYI.


11-Cats also might photo bomb their human if they hate the person their human is with, they think it would be the perfect (or should I say purrrfect) moment to ruin them. Cats are evil.