What She Did To Rescue This Dog Will Leave You Speechless


It is heartwarming to see a dog that is smiling after a long time of pain. The story of Charlie will bring tears to your eyes, especially when you see his amazing transformation.

It all started when a woman was waiting for her flight from Peru to Los Angeles and saw a dog walking towards her.  She was baffled by the horrific condition that the dog was in.  The dog’s paws were raw from walking.  Only his skin and mange were covering his entire body. His condition was heartbreaking, the woman started to comfort him.  The dog was in real need for someone to touch him, pat him, and show him some love. The dog’s eyes were full of sadness, they were full of calls for help.  The dog wished that this woman can help him, he can’t count how many times he had begged for help from people, and no one stopped to even look at him.


The woman bought the dog lunch, and because she was flying to Los Angeles, she knew that she couldn’t stay with him.  So she searched for rescue organizations using her smartphone, sadly she couldn’t find any. She left the dog to catch her flight, and promised herself that she will help him.

The next day when she arrived, she started searching again and managed to contact a rescue group in Peru named Amazon Cares.  She told them about the dog and sent them photos. She asked them to search for the dog. On the third day, the rescue group emailed her with the good news; they found Charlie, and they started the medical treatments and bathes.  They said that if he was left for two more days, he would have died. This woman is a hero; she saved the dog’s life just in time.


The organization sent her updates on Charlie’s case, she felt amazing when she saw him getting better day by day.  Four months later, she returned back to Peru; her only goal was to bring the dog to Los Angeles, and make him a part of her family.

You won’t believe how amazing the reunion was. Now Charlie is a US citizen, living with his loving owner in his forever home.

Can all humans be like this woman?