What these heroic dogs are doing for patients in Hospice is PRECIOUS!


Dogs are the most wonderful creatures on earth, they are absolutely mesmerizing and loyal, and they have got that kind look that when they give it to you, they melt your heart away. Dogs are joyful furry things that move around making all of us laugh, smile and learn lessons.

And when it comes to therapy dogs, the only word that could describe them is special. Therapy dogs are special, they fill depressed, sick, and old people souls’ with happiness, sadness do not exist in their presence, and that is why they are so important to us. As Dr. Gary Buckholz said, pet therapy actually improves patients’ outcomes, and it is so important because it reduces feelings of anxiety, which is a common symptom for every patient. And it also reduces feelings of being isolated. This video shows several of people, including a young girl, a mom diagnosed by cancer, an old couple, and a few more.

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They all gush about how dog therapy changes lives, and it’s amazing how they make a huge effect on people’s lives. Dog therapy is a gift. Patients wait everyday for their dog therapy visit because it’s a time of enjoyment, it’s time when they forget about the pain, and just enjoy the moment they are currently in. We are so thankful for The Pawsitive Pals Pet therapy program at the San Diego Hospice and The Institute for Palliative Medicine.
To learn more about the Pawsitive Pals Pet Therapy Program and to support their mission, and to see more similar stories, just visit their website:  http://www.sdhospice.org/san-diego-hospice-ways-to-give

Don’t miss to watch this touching video of therapy dogs who are helping children with cancer to heal, it’s very amazing

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Watch this amazing video and if you find it heartwarming, don’t hesitate to share it with your family and friends.