What These Monsters Did To This Dog is Cruel, But The End Is Amazing

Sadly, dog fighting is still an activity that takes place in many places despite efforts by animal activists and animal lovers to stop it. Dog fighting is illegal in many places, but still common. The dogs that are involved in dog fighting are often left with horrible physical injuries and lots of fights end in a dog’s death, additionally, the harsh living conditions and constant fighting leave the dog with a huge amount of emotional damage.

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But while the world is full of heartless people willing to inflict harm upon dogs, it is also full of good, kindhearted people who give their best to save those poor animals.

A group of these people is the Humane Society of the United States, and this is one of the most amazing rescues they have done. When the Humane Society of the United States successfully raided two dog fighting pits in North Carolina, they were able to rescue about 50 dogs from two different properties. Needless to say, the dogs were in a horrible condition, both physically and emotionally.

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However, it was no secret that all these dogs needed was just a little bit of kindness. When Megan Morrisey heard the story of these dogs, she decided that she wanted to give them the love they have been deprived off all their lives. So, she decided to adopt one of the dogs, and she named him a very adorable name, Gremlin Von Cocopuff!

The video tells us the story of Gremmie and his friends, and their heartbreaking journey from the harsh life at the dog fighting pit to the shelter. This video tells one story with a happy ending, but there are still so many dogs out there waiting for their happy ending to come along and take over from their suffering.

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Watch and share the heartwarming story of Gremmie with your family and friends.