What this big dog did to get the treat is hilarious, can’t stop laughing.

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According to a recent study published and made by psychologists from by the University of California San Diego proves that dogs can feel jealousy. They made the study putting three things; plastic jack-o-lantern, a book and fake dog in front of 36 humans and they brought their dogs to see what will be their reaction, the researchers have videotaped the animal’s reactions, they discovered that when the humans were ignoring the their dogs and paying attention to the fake fog, the dogs moved trying to bite the fake dog, also they were barking so loudly, the dogs were crazy about their owners trying to touch them and paying their attention, so the researchers took these behaviors as a sign of jealousy, the study shows how the dogs react in front of their owners actions.

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So when we see this cute clip, for this big dog who pushed the little dog’s hand out of the way, so he can get the treat instead of him, you can feel like the big dog wants to say “I’m the big one, I’m the one who deserves this treat,” like any brothers who always have a fight between each other and each one of them wants to get the treat from his parent, one says that he is big and he deserves it, the other says that he is the smallest one and is the one who deserves it, so the fight starts between each of them, but at the end of the clip, we see that the smallest dog is the one who wins and the dad gives him the treat as he brought it for him, of course, he will give the big dog another treat but it is the jealousy feeling that all of us know. It is really important to be fair with your pets especially if you have more than one pet.

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