what this cat did in front of the woman’s door is the scariest thing ever

Scary cat

This video must be submitted in a scary movie, because it’s really a scary thing to watch, the sounds this scary cat is doing terrifies me, I know what is the woman felt while recording this, this scary cat is doing very scary sounds like those that monsters doing, scary cat stands in front of the woman’s door, and then he stands on the rail, the scary cat needs her to let him in, but she could even do just thing after this scary sounds he did. The cat is acting like he is talking to the lady, he wants to tell her something, land when the nice lady approaches to open the door for him, he hisses and tries to scratch her, is he saying “please let me in” or “I am hungry give me some food” or he is saying ” come and fight me”. Whatever it was, it’s the first time for me to watch a scary cat who is doing this kind of voices, and it’s really scares me.

Beside this scary cat, they are very cute and kind animals. They are very friendly and cute, and they are the funniest pets ever. There are so many breeds of cats, like Persian cats, Bangle cats and Sphynx cats. Of course you noticed that your cat sleeps a lot, and that’s because the hormones of growing are released while sleeping, and about sleeping, cats are sleepy creatures, they sleep about 2/3 of the day, and so if a cat’s age is 9, she is only awake for three years of her entire life. Another weird fact is that cats can make about 100 sounds, but dogs only make 10. Cats have an excellent hearing and smelling sense. Cats’ life span is about 12 to 15 years average, some old cats act very aggressively towards kittens