What this cat did to get the toy is unbelievable, never underestimate a cat.

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Cats always figure out their special ways to get what they really want, despite all the disabilities that could face them, it doesn’t matter, so cats should get what they want. This cat saw that toy on the cupboard, so instead of standing and watch, the cat stood on the desk, jumped on the door, then the cat jumped down again and then she jumped up to get the toy. Do you still believe that there is anything that can stand in front of a cat?

If you already have a cat, I know that you witnessed something like this; cats already jump on anything, any time, to get anything she wanted, no matter how height this place is. Cats are the funniest pets, but you must know that there are many facts hidden in their life that you will be very amazed by. They can hear very strongly, they hear 8 times stronger than us, they can hear the ultra-sonic sounds which dolphins make to communicate, they also hear stronger than dogs do. There are so many breeds of cats, like Persian cats, Bangle cats and Sphynx cats.

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Most of times cats sleep a lot, and that’s because the hormones of growing are released while sleeping, and about sleeping, cats are sleepy creatures, they sleep about 2/3 of the day, and so if a cat’s age is 9, she is only awake for three years of her entire life. Another weird fact is that cats can make about 100 sounds, but dogs only make 10. Cats have an excellent hearing and smelling sense. Cats’ life span is about 12 to 15 years average, some old cats act very aggressively towards kittens.

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