What this gorilla did to the little girl was SCARY!

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Oh my god, what this gorilla did was totally terrifying, I can tell, those 13 seconds made me scared. The gorilla went wild, her reaction was unexpected. When this little girl was watching the gorilla, having innocent thoughts about it, all she wanted was to play or just to say hello, but what the gorilla did was frightening, she came running towards the glass, which i was about to crash in it. The glass cracked and it was about to break, the girl was very scared that she ran away inside; it was like defending a gorilla attack. Well, don’t mess with gorillas in the next time.

Surprisingly, there are only 700 gorillas living high in the mountains in the whole world, they are mostly herbivorous, they eat bamboo, and plants. The male gorilla can eat about 30 kilograms per day. Their life span is about 40 to 50 years. Gorillas are very intelligent animals, that they can learn the sign language easily that’s why it’s easy to communicate with gorillas. When the gorilla gave birth, she spends the few first months holding her baby on her chest, and later on her back, the male gorilla leave his family in the age of 11 years, and have their own family group at the age of 15.

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Gorillas are not terrifying, they are very kind and cute; remember that story of the gorilla and her cat? Remember how she was heartbroken when her friend died? You will see the story of Koko the gorilla who had lost her kitten friend, it was heartbreaking, accidently the little kitten had passed away, which broke the gorilla’s heart, you won’t believe how the gorilla reacted when she knew that her little friend had passed away, it is heart breaking, the gorilla was really crying. You can watch the full video here.