What this woman did to revive the puppies is mind blowing!


Is there anything in the world cuter than new born puppies? We don’t think so! Every day we see lots of heartwarming stories about motherhood and the selfless efforts and dedication of mother dogs in order to deliver their puppies safely and give them the best life possible. However, lots of things could go wrong during a delivery. And this is what happened with this dog when she was giving birth to her puppies. But luckily, there are some guardian angels that are there to help make things easier for these unfortunate dogs.

It all started when the mother dog, Alice, was expected to deliver the puppies and was staying in foster care at the house of a woman named Debbie Barnett. When Debbie saw that Alice was about to give birth, she immediately took her to the clinic. However, when Alice delivered her first baby, they noticed that something was wrong, as she gave birth to a huge stillborn puppy, which meant something was wrong with the pregnancy. The vets decided that Alice needed an emergency C-section in order to complete the delivery process, and she gave birth to three more puppies, two of which were not breathing! And that’s when Alice’s guardian angel came in. Dani Walter, who is the SPCA boss of the Darwin, Australia chapter, was present during the delivery, and she took the most courageous step to save the puppies.


She actually performed mouth-to-mouth for the two puppies, for 40 whole minutes! It’s such an admirable dedication. Because of her relentless efforts, the two puppies were saved, and they are now alive and well. Alice the mommy is now reunited with her three puppies and they are living healthily and happily.


We are so glad for people like Dani who are willing to put lots of effort and dedication in order to help those helpless poor souls. Share this inspiring rescue story with your family and friends.