When Ads stopped working, they found this brilliant idea to make people adopt dogs.

When Ads stopped working, they found this

There are so many shelters out there full of beautiful animals that need love and care, they are in need for someone who is ready to save them, and offers them the forever safe home. Every single shelter faces lots of problems in adopting animals; most people prefer adopting healthy animals, or little ones, leaving the oldies and the ones with a disability. This shelter was having a horrible situation, their ads didn’t work anymore, no one comes to adopt dogs, and the sad ads were helpless. It was time to make something new, an idea which motivates people to adopt dogs, so it was “The Human Walking Program”.

“The Human Walking Program” is about taking dogs for walks in public parks, the dogs are wearing an “adopt me” quoted vest. It’s different when you see a dog that needs home in front of your eyes. When people see them with the volunteers taking walks, they will get motivated to adopt a dog or even tell their friends about it. It helps the dog to socialize, make friends, motivate people to adopt a dog, let them get the idea that nothing more amazing than this, and that there are so many dogs in need to be adopted, it’s better to adopt a dog than buying one. When they see how dogs are friendly and cute, they will give them more and more love. It was a series of events which took place in different places, and let me tell you, thankfully, the results were great. Lots of people had their lunch break with those dogs, lots of them went back to their home with an adopted dog, people got very motivated to the idea, and it was great, I am very thankful that the “Human walking program” helped those dogs.