When big cats saw themselves in the mirror, they reacted like THIS!

5-2-2015 12-31-40 PM

Cats will be cats, whether they are big or small, every cat owner knows what’s his cat’s reaction towards mirrors, actually mirrors drive them mad, like this funny kitten who was watching her reflection in the mirror for the first time and her reaction was hilarious, and this jealous cat who was surprised when she saw her reflection in the mirror, I couldn’t stop laughing while watching their adventures.

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In this Wild Cats Shelter, they found that most of big cats spend most of their time grooming, so they decided to show them how they look like, so they brought a mirror so they would allow everyone to take a look on itself, and let me tell you, their reactions were priceless. You will see Cheetaro’s reaction, and it was totally funny, the cheetah followed her reflection, she kept running around to see who is looking like her, and she ended up hiding.

Andre and Arthur the tigers, they were like, “Oh my god, is it us in that thing?” And when it comes the time to the biggest cat in town, things are really different, the lion was very nervous about it, he was ready to fight his own reflection, and his reaction was hilarious. Saber the black jaguar tried to touch his reflection; he wanted to make sure that it’s real.

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This funny video reminds me of the one that was trying boxes instead of mirrors to see how big cats would act towards boxes. You will be surprised to see what is inside this video, the video makers put a big box in front of lions and tigers and leopards, and you won’t believe how they reacted to it, the big cats were very curious about it, you will be totally surprised to see this.