When He Attacked His Owner, This Tiny Puppy Did The Unthinkable


Actually, dogs are making the world absolutely better; they are protective, loving, and loyal. Despite how tiny they are, the dog’s morals will be the same, tiny dogs are just as protective as the big ones, and more. What this tiny puppy did for his owner was something indescribable. It seems that those friends wanted to put a little test for their puppy to see how smart and protective he is, they wanted to see what their little tiny puppy will react like when he sees his owner in harm. What do you think that little dog will do when he sees someone attack his beloved owner?

8-26-2015 2-58-33 PM

The owner of this dog decided to make a test for her little tiny puppy, the girl stood there and her friend acted like he is attacking her, and despite that the dog was playing with his toy, he left it and ran towards his owner with his tiny little legs moving like thunder towards his owner, the way he was reacting like was amazing! He started to bark towards the man to scare him and let him get off of his friend. When the man tried for the second time to do it and act like he is attacking the dog’s owner, the dog left his toy again and acted the same, but this time it seems that he wasn’t ready to let him come back again, and he is ready to run miles after him.

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Yes this video is adorable, and it’s proving that heroes come in different sizes. But what if it was a serious situation? Maybe the tiny puppy is not as strong as big ones, but this tiny one bark’seffected the abuser and it left him in tension, which gives the victim time to think.

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