When His Dog Got Injured, He Carried Him for 2 Days Through In The Wild


There’s no doubt that dogs think of us as family. Dogs are very loyal to their owners and anyone who has ever been good to them, and more often than not they sacrifice their own lives in order to save their owners from dangerous situations.

With that much loyalty and love, it’s only fair that humans return this love and protectiveness to their dogs, even if it means putting our own life on the line. It’s the least we can do to repay our dogs for their never ending loyalty.

When this man’s dog was in a horrible accident, he decided that he won’t just stand by and watch his dog slip away, and he did the most amazing thing.


When Wayne Best went hiking with his 3 year old dog Choco, he didn’t expect the turn of events. By the banks of the Mitchell river, Choco was chasing a feral pig, when a crocodile snatched the dog from the river side. For two minutes after that, Best didn’t see a sign of Choco. Then, miraculously, Choco made it out of the river with no sign of the crocodile.

However, Choco’s condition was not good. The crocodile has injured him and broken one of his legs. Using his first aid kit, Best nursed Choco as he walked over 60 miles through the wilderness until they reached the nearest road, from which they managed to hitchhike to the nearest vet, were Choco received the medical help he needed and thankfully survived the accident.

We are so glad that Choco survived this attack because of his owner’s dedication and loyalty. Best gave an indescribable effort in order to save Choco, and it paid off.


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