When his friend stood by the pool, this Labrador dog did the funniest thing ever

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This dog is so cool; it has been always a prank that we do with our friends when we go to the pool. But this cute Labrador dog decided to do it with his owners and friends. Meet Toyo the cute black Labrador dog who decided to make the funniest thing ever to his friends. The black Labrador dog pushed his friends into the swimming pool! When someone stands beside the pool or is getting ready to jump into it, the black Labrador dog sneaks around the pool as if to jump inside of it, but instead the dog pushed him into the pool, what a funny dog! It’s a funny compilation that you won’t stop laughing at it!

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It seems that it’s the funny playful personality instinct that rules the video. We all know how Labrador dogs are very smart to be guarding dogs; Labrador dog is a useful and loyal companion and the hard worker breed. The sweet nature and morals of Labrador dog makes him the best choice for a therapy dog. Labrador dog is a Canadian breed, they got this amazing smooth and short coat, and they are one of the most well-known breeds all over the world and America’s no.1 dog. Their life span is from 10 to 12 years old. A Labrador dog is very smart, Labrador dog is smarter than the yellow, playful and energetic; they love to play and exercise. Labrador dogs are very loving and protective for their families, and they are really good with children. Labrador dogs are the sunny, the smart and the hard worker kind of dogs, it’s also important to take care of their food because they love to eat, so take care to avoid them getting fat

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What a cute dog, Watch this funny video below and if you enjoyed it, share it with your family and friends.