When Neighbors Heard Her Cry, They Discovered The Horrible Truth

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This story is the proof if any one wonders why it is harmful to leave your dog tied up outside. This shows reasons behind the ugly truth that leaving your dog tied up is not only harmful but inhumane as well! This story is a reflection of both neglect and abuse that this poor dog had suffered from.

A Virginia resident has been sentenced to serve six months in jail after she left her dog tied up outside her house. Sadly, the poor dog was killed by fleas in what police are calling one of the worst cases of animal abuse they’ve ever seen!

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The way Golden looked was shocking! Golden suffered from being “sucked dry” by thousands and thousands of fleas! This is just the most horrible thing anyone could ever do! It’s shameful and disastrous!

Golden had been crying for nearly 8 hours when a neighbor, Amanda Hios, called Prince George Animal Control in Virginia. She told WTVR that she was used to seeing Golden left tied up outside, but on this particular day she said  “I had never heard an animal so sad in my life.”

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By the time, an animal control officer arrived Golden was not responding and breathing irregularly. Sadly, Golden didn’t make it and died on the way to the vet clinic. Golden died of anemia because of her blood loss due to flea bites.


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