When She Saw Him at the Rescue, She Fell in Love…This Will Leave You in Happy Tears

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A dog is always more than just a pet. When you’ve spent a significant amount of your life with a dog, they become family, and there’s no doubt that dogs also think of us as family. Dogs are very loyal to their owners and anyone who has ever been good to them, and they are often more than ready to give love and compassion to whoever needs them.

Not only that, but dogs are known to be very protective of their owners. And contrary to popular belief, rescue dogs are no different than normal dogs. In fact, rescue dogs can be even more emotionally intelligent and loving.

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This is why it’s always important to encourage prospective dog owners to adopt a rescued dog instead of buying a dog from the petshop, this way the shelters get more places for other rescue dogs, and that can save many lives of dogs who have nowhere to stay.And as a part of a campaign to encourage people to adopt dogs from shelters, BarkPost has started making a series of videos titled “Coming Home”, which show the moments during which lucky families and dogs found each other.

The videos are incredibly heartwarming and they show the essence of the happiness that the puppies feel and which they bring to the homes they’re in.This video shows the first day on which this super adorable rescue dog, named Boots, was adopted by the Schwartz family.The video starts at the Spot! Dog Rescue in Los Angeles, when the mother came in and fell in love with Boots at first sight!

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It’s undeniably a beautiful thing to witness. We are so glad Boots has found his forever home. Watch the rest of the story in the video below and don’t forget to share it with your family and friends!