When she tells her Basset hound that she loves him, he responds like this!

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The “I love you” word has its own kind of magic; imagine it when your dog is saying this to you. Nothing is more amazing than listening to your dog saying I love you, it’s like a talent gifted to your dog. In this amazing video, you will see a basset hound dog telling his owner that he loves her, each time the owner tells her basset hound that he loves him, he replies back to his owner that he loves her too. Isn’t it amazing? What a cute dog! After watching this, it will draw a smile on your face.

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Basset Hound dogs are very amazing and beautiful, they are well known for their short legs and their big ears. They are very playful and full of energy, and they are gentle and sweet. They weigh about 23 to 30 kg and their life span is about 10 to 12 years. These droopy eared canines are just as enjoyable to watch romp as they are to snuggle with. Bassets are likely to share a companion’s taste in movies, music and snacks, provided they get first dibs on the snacks. Basset Hounds, mostly treated as large dog breeds, are called the large breed in a small body. This breed also needs the same treatment as big dogs.

Watch this video of an amazing family of a basset hound in one car; you won’t believe what will happen in it, it’s like a magic trick. Don’t miss also to check these top 10 dogs’ breeds who love to be cuddled all the time. You will be totally surprising.

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Have you ever tried this with your dog? Did he tell you that he loves you before? Watch the cute video below, and if you find it cute and you enjoyed it, share it with your family and friends.

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