When she was born, her owner wasn’t shocked because of the eight limbs!


Meet the black and white puppy that was born with a total of eight limbs in Vaini of Tonga in the Pacific Ocean on Wednesday. Vukitangitau Maloni, a Tonga resident who took the images soon after the puppy was born, said the whole community was shocked and speechless at the animal’s extra legs. The newborn puppy was one of five normal siblings who was born with the unusual features.

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The photos show that, the newborn puppy has two bodies joined at the chest with two sets of front legs, two sets of back legs – and complete with two tails. The mysterious puppy died after few hours.

It looks like two puppies that didn’t quite separate properly, there was also deformities in the puppy’s face, a cleft pallet. Her face looked blue, which is a clear sign for shortage of oxygen.  An animal scientist from Wagga Wagga, NSW, wished to remain anonymous, confirmed the authenticity of the photographs to Daily Mail Australia. ‘You can tell the photographs are real by looking at the split in her nose – indicating that something occurred bilaterally,’ he told Daily Mail Australia.

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Animals born with abnormal features, is quite common, but it is very rare in dogs. Do you remember the water monster that was discovered in one of UK’s rivers?  It was known that there is a horrific looking prehistoric monster in England’s river, it’s a historical myth, it is guessed also that it is older than dinosaurs; they call it “living fossil.”

I think the universe is full of surprises for us, yet we don’t even know about half of them yet! But getting closer to these strange creatures is a very interesting thing to witness!

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