When the police ordered his owner to the ground, the dog did this..!!


This is a story that went viral on internet today, and it shows the loyalty of dogs. It all started in southern Brazil, with a snap, and it shows a line of young men, lying down, putting their face down after the police arrived, it was believed that those men are a part of a gang who are dealing with drugs, marijuana and cocaine. It was very surprising to see what the dog did, the dog laid the same way as his owner, and the dog followed the orders of the police and did the same as his owner.

This scene made all of the people around stop and stare, they were very amazed by what the dog did, and it’s an act of loyalty. At first the dog started to bark very loudly, he tried his best to protect his owner and the gang, but when he found them lying down, he did the same.

As the Police spokesman Filippo Valdez said, the officers observed the gang for some time, and when they decided to arrest them, the gang was having then a quantity of drugs and marijuana, and not just drugs, they also have guns and weighing scales. And about the dog, he said that the dog started to bark when they arrived there, but when he saw his owners lying down and obeying the rules; he did the same as them. The police spokesman said the dog is very clever and smart, and what he did is a sign of loyalty, the way that the dog laid is a sign of submission.


We hope that the dog could find another owner who could take good care of him in the absence of his owner. Read the full story and if you find it interesting, share it with all of your family and friends.