When they called on him, they were totally surprised when he showed up, it’s unbelievable.

When they called on him, they were totally surprised when he showed up, it's unbelievable.

We’ve never seen anything quite like this before, it’s truly unbelievable. This tortoise is the cutest ever, and what happened in this video is awesome. You are about to meet Taco the tortoise, the two owners think that their tortoise Taco is responding to their voice commands. So he was hiding and they were trying to call on him, to see if Taco the tortoise dog will really listen to them or not, surprisingly, the tortoise came out when his owner called on it, Taco the tortoise is very cute. Taco the tortoise is unique and special, because he actually comes when you call him. I am totally amazed, you will enjoy watching this.

Tortoise is cute; some people take them as a pet which is illegal in some countries to have a tortoises pet. It’s easy to take care of a tortoise pet. Before owning one, you have to read a lot about turtles, it’s very important to prepare a suitable place for her. It’s good to know that tortoise don’t eat every day. Feed your pet each 3 or 4 days. Don’t get near the turtle’s mouth while you are feeding it. Read about the turtles’ feeding and choose right types of food for your turtle, and it’s very important to cut it in a small pieces, in the size of the turtle bite. Read about how you can raise one. The baby turtles are called sparkles. Tortoises are long living animals; they can live for 200 years old. The material of the turtle shell is the same of human nails, and the upper shell is called carapace, the shell protects the turtle, and not all breeds hide their heads inside of it.

Watch this unique tortoise; he will surprise you. If you find this special, share it with your family and friends.