When they left the monkey with the puppy, they found him doing this to the puppies.


Oh my god, now this is the sweetest thing to see today, actually no one can resist the cuteness of newborn puppies, even monkeys! Have you ever seen a monkey who loves puppies like this? This monkey loves his puppies so much; he is very kind with them. See how he petted them kindly more than what their mother would do, the monkey is watching over the little puppies, and the little puppies love him so much, they want more petting. He is very sweet and kind. Who can’t fall in love with this monkey? This video will make your day.

Monkeys are very smart and cute; they mostly live in tropical rain forests. Monkey feeds on fruits, nuts, insects and eggs, young birds and young frogs. And about the babies, the monkey mom holds the monkey on her back. The monkey is known for long arms, and they mostly live in tree tops. They mostly live in group, and if there is something difficult on a monkey, another one will help.


Monkeys are lovable and cute; we can’t get enough of watching them. Watch this touching video of a monkey who is trying to save his unconscious friend from the middle of the railway station in India, you won’t believe what happened next, all the people stood there to capture these precious moments. Don’t miss also this funny video of a monkey who is trying to wake up his cat friend, it’s hilariously funny, you won’t believe what the monkey did; when it comes to play time, no one ever can stop a monkey.


Nothing is cuter than interacting with monkeys, have you ever tried to play with monkeys before or raised them as pets? Watch the video below and share it with your family and friends.