When they put the owner on the speakerphone, this was their boxer dog’s amazing reaction.


This is Harvey the little boxer puppy, although he is very young, he is so funny and wit. He is only a few months so life for him is totally new.

When it comes to dogs, they are the cutest and funniest animals you will see, they can show facial emotions that are able to make your jaw fall from laughing. The boxer dogs that are known with “peter pan” are so funny. They are very active and energetic, you can feel that they are injected with pills of fun and activity; they like to exercise daily and go for a walk with their owners, so it isn’t preferable to leave them for long periods of time at the house.


Also they are so sweat, their spirits are full of life, love to be cuddled and sit beside you to watch the TV on the couch. They think that they are so tiny, they have a unique sound, they are known with woo woo, it is like a language they use it to talk, this breed likes to be the center of attention, they are considered the longest breed that live in puppyhood, its puppyhood can be up to 3 years. While Harvey is lying on the couch with his human, his dad decided to play some fun with him, so he put his wife on the phone. When she starts to talk out of the speaker, the dog got excited, he hears her voice but he doesn’t know what is going on, he looks around trying to find out what is happening to no avail. I don’t know if I have to feel bad for this cute pup or should I let my lips to smile for the funny puppy’s reaction. Really I couldn’t stop laughing. He is so sweet, and he loves his mommy.


I enjoyed what Harvey’s reactions, this cute boy loves his mom.