When This Dog Smelled His Owner, He Did The Funniest Thing Ever

8-24-2015 1-28-04 AM

If you’re a dog owner, then you just know how much of a blessing having a dog in your house is. dogs are incredibly kind and compassionate, no matter what their breed or age is. In addition to that, having a dog in your house just brightens up the atmosphere and is guaranteed to cheer up all the residents of the house! Every dog has its own unique personality, which makes it so fun for us to watch how our dogs react with everything around them, because we know they always have something new to show us! And because dogs are very intelligent, it’s so easy to teach them amazing and funny tricks, and they enjoy it too, because dogs get their happiness from the happiness of their owners. The internet is full of videos showing dogs of different ages and breeds performing the most awesome tricks.

8-24-2015 1-28-22 AM

This is one of these cute videos that has been making people giggle since it went online. I couldn’t stop myself from giggling when I saw it! This man decided to teach his cute dog this hilarious trick. They were sitting together normally when the dog decides to smell his owner’s armpit, and his reaction was priceless! The dog pretended to pass out, and it was such a well-acted scene, it looked like he has passed out for real! Well, we really hope that that wasn’t the case. Many commenters thought that the video might actually be real, but we sure hope that’s not the case!

8-24-2015 1-28-34 AM

Which dog trick video is your favorite? Tell us in the comments. And if you’ve ever taught your dog any cool tricks like this one, share with us your dog’s awesome skills, and don’t forget to share this cute video with your family and friends as well!