When You See How Confused This Chihuahua Is When He’s Scolded, You’ll Want To Kiss Him

We don’t know what this Chihuahua has done, but looks like it was something really naughty! As his owner starts scolding him in the video, He starts looking mortified and ashamed of himself. He averts his eyes to the ground shamefully and then looks up to his owner with the most adorable puppy eye look in his eyes. He seems to be genuinely ashamed of himself. You could almost hear him crying out ‘Oh dear Lord, what have I done?!’

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However, anyone who has seen this video must be curious to know what did that Chihuahua do in the first place to make him look so guilty and ashamed. But what’s the worst a dog could do, anyway?!

No one could ever love you more than your dog. You are the center of his life and the main reason he’s alive. Your dog depends on you in everything. That’s why dogs would look ashamed like that when they disobey you. Isn’t that just adorable!

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Dogs are truly the best pets a person could ask for. All they need from you is to provide them with a safe and comfortable home, feed them regularly and give them all the care, attention and affection. And in return, they will become your bestfriend. They will always be there for you no matter what. Isn’t that just amazing!

It’s a fact acknowledged world wide, that dogs make great pets. It’s our duty to take care of them and protect them from any harm. Therefore, it’s the role of the whole community to provide shelters, veterinary hospitals and all the care and service needed to protect dogs and all stray animals and provide them with the lofe they truly deserve.

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