When you snooze together, everything about your relationship is revealed!

As a pet parent, the relationship between you and your pet is very special. One of the things attached to that special pet-owner relationship, is the way we snooze together. It is a good chance to learn more about our shared bonds just by observing how we do things together.

Read through this to find out what your pet’s sleeping position reveals, and let us know in a comment below if it really says something about both of you.

  1. On the Chest

If your pet loves to sleep on your chest, it reveals that you two have a deep connection. You are able to understand each other in your own way.

When your pet sleeps on your chest, you are in the closest position to each other.

Whether you have not been around all day, or your pet has just been off playing in another room, it is your chance to feel really reconnected together at this sleeping position.