While this pack of elephants was passing the road, that one protected them in the best way.

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Imagine how it could be when you are driving and surprisingly, you find a pack of elephants passing the street to the other side in front of you, I think it’s the most amazing thing that could ever happen. In this video, you will see that pack of elephants passing the road, but what’s amazing about this video is the big elephant that stood in front of the cars to guard the rest of the elephants while they are passing, to make sure that they will pass safely. It’s amazing how they truly care about each other; it’s amazing how they are protecting their babies. I am totally impressed! Luckily for us, this scene is recorded, most of us never witnessed something like this before.

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Elephants are very smart and strong animals. There are only two types of elephants, African elephants, where both males and females have tusks and the Asian elephant where only the male elephant have tusks. Elephant’s life span is about 44 years. Elephants are the biggest mammals in the world. Sometimes elephants use their tusks to dig for water and food. Surprisingly, elephants can drink about 210 liter of water daily. The elephant trunk can reach about 2 meters, and it can weigh till 140 kg. The elephant’s ear is big and thin; it’s all made from blood vessels, which actually helps the elephant to reach the normal body temperature. Elephants are good at swimming; and maybe this explained what happened here in this video with that cute little baby elephant, they can use their trunk to breathe from.

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Elephants always care about their pack, watch this video of a mother elephant who is trying her best to rescue her little calf who fell down into the well, she did the unthinkable to save him! This video shows the mother instinct in its best ways.