Winston the cat is caring for the infected friend Zeke the dog, she is heart catching


Relationships between cats and dogs are always surprising when you see how both creatures interact with each other, some respect and love are always found, but what you will see in this video is unbelievable, you won’t see something like that in your life.

2-17-2015 9-12-55 PM

Both of Winston and Zeke are living together in the same house, the love that is shared between each other is passionate. But today, Zeke is going to the vet because he is infected; turns out he is allergic to grass. Winston waited for him till he came back from the vet, he had a long stressful and painful day. The dog, Zeke, was back from the vet, they gave him steroid and shots, but the surprising thing is what Winston did. She did the kindest thing you will ever see because she sensed that Zeke needs some care and love; she started to lick him and cuddle with him, then she hugs him kindly and tightly. Zeke is very lucky to have a friend like Winston, doing her best to make him comfortable and happy.

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Simply this video is proving that the well-known quote “they are fighting like cats and dogs” is absolutely wrong. Thousands of videos proved to us that any dog and cat can be best buddies. We don’t know any basics of the bond that is between them, any dog or cat could normally live in one place, but whatever it is, this bond is perfect in every single way. There is no enmity between dog and cat.