Woman Is Devastated After Losing Her Dog, So Her Employer Grants Her a Grieving Leave


For animal lovers, nothing is worse than losing a pet. Nothing can be more heartbreaking than  the loss of someone you truly love. This might be the worst shock in any animal lover’s life.

If you ever experienced the loss of a pet, then you know it can be devastating. For anyone who has gone through this, they will probably remember the time they needed to grieve their lost pet, and found it difficult to function right after the death, and would have appreciated time off work if it was possible.  Some companies are giving pet owners time off when they lose a pet, they are calling it, pet bereavement days.

Although the time is by no means mandatory by law, many pet-friendly companies are recognizing that some pet owners need some time to get over the loss of their loving pet and are giving them time off to grieve and find some closure.

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This story took place when Erica Lee lost her beloved dog, she said words can’t describe the amount of pain she felt.

“He (the dog) was very sweet and loving, I was heartbroken” she said.

Her company allowed her to take days off so she can grieve and stay at home with her little boy. That was extremely important for both her and her son.

It is now becoming a popular trend and a known norm to give your employees days off to grieve a loved pet. Some companies even grant upto 3 days.

The companies decided to offer these days off, to allow their employees to overcome the pain and heal. Watch the video for more details and full story!

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