Woman Wanted For Dumping This Poor Skeletal Dog Outside The Animal Shelter

I dream of a day when the animal cruelty just disappears from the whole world, I know I’m a dreamer but I just can’t stop hoping this will ever happen when I’m still alive! I hope all the sick and heartless people will be prevented from seeing any animal let alone owning them! They don’t deserve this at all! They don’t have any kind of feelings to be merciful towards them because they are sick people with sadist desire of watching animals suffer in pain!

Back to the fact, sadly, another animal cruel incident is right before our eyes . It all started when a woman in Pennsylvania threw an emaciated dog outside of an animal shelter in Whitehall.  She was captured doing such act on video surveillance footage.


On November 12, volunteers at the Peaceable Kingdom Animal Shelter discovered the poor skeletal Poodle mix thrown away in a crate outside of the Shelter’s building, right outside the front door.

According to the shelter’s medical director, the dog, dubbed Orphan Annie,” is emaciated, with open wounds, and is anemic from a severe flea infestation.


Sarah Donnelly, the Peaceable Kingdom Medical Director says that when they took the poor dog, he weighed just a slightly over six pounds! She said “She had open wounds on her body, she had severe anemia from the fleas, they were basically sucking the life out of her.”

According to Donnelly, Annie needs $1,000, at least, to be totally healed and to have fully recovery.

Authorities in Lehigh County are searching for the woman in the footage, hoping they would find her eventually. Anyone with information is asked to call a tip line at 610-709-6454 or a law enforcement officer at 484-223-9107


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