Woman Saves A Dog’s Life, Then She Receives The Most Amazing Gift!

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This is an amazing rescue of a beautiful white German shepherd who was going through a very rough time. Gemma suffered from demodectic mange.  Her condition was so severe, about 70% of her body was affected.  Her disease could be treated with proper care and medication. Unfortunately for the poor dog, her family did not take her to a vet for treatment, but instead of that, they abandoned her at the shelter of St. Bonnie’s Sanctuary.

At the shelter, Gemma was lucky to meet her guardian angel Jolene who appeared at the perfect moment and volunteered to take care of the lonely pup. The kindhearted woman did a great job giving Gemma all the care she needed, including bathing her 2 to 3 times a day, until she fully recovered from her skin disease.

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During Gemma’s several weeks of recovery, a strong bond between her and her rescuer was forming. Jolene was elated by the progress Gemma made.  She was growing her fur back and gaining weight rapidly.

The incredibly surprising part of the story began when Jolene noticed that Gemma was gaining weight in her belly. She had taken her for a medical examination, but when she got an ultrasound at the vet’s, she was completely stunned when she was told that Gemma was pregnant!

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Thankful to Jolene, Gemma was not the only saved soul. It is a miracle to have people as kind-hearted as Jolene.  She inspired all animal lovers. Watch the video below to see the whole story; it will leave you with a smile on your face.

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