Woman takes in a senior pup after his owner dies. But finding THIS out at the vet shocked her


Buddy is a 14-year-old Labrador mix pup who was left devastated after his owner suddenly passed away. Things became even worse for Buddy after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Thanks to Loren Cazan, a volunteer at a Rejoyceful Animal Rescue in Michigan, Buddy has a chance to have some cheer back into the rest of his life. Cazan created a wonderful bucket list for Buddy so that he can enjoy doing all the things dogs love during the last days of his life. She told Michigan’s WILX, “He was kind of left with nowhere to go. I saw his picture and I couldn’t say no to that sweet face.” “We are not sure how much longer he has left. But we just want to make sure that, whatever time that is, he has the best life possible,” she added.


To any dog lover, it is so heartwarming to know about the amazing people who would do anything and everything to make man’s best friends truly happy during their last days of life. It seems that Ol Boy’s story will not be the only unforgettable one!

Scroll down to find out how Cazan made this adorable pooch really happy!

Actually, rescue volunteer Loren Cazan did everything she could to make Buddy happy at every single minute of his last days, and he really was, indeed.


Cazan took Buddy under her wing, and did her best to make him live out the bucket list he deserved. Buddy spent his time enjoying going out with new animal friends, going to Dairy Queen, eating some McDonald’s, and even got the chance to become an honorary firehouse dog!


Any pup deserves a sweet home to die in peace, with loving people aside providing comfort during the very last moment of life. Cazan knew that, and that is why she did more than giving Buddy happy moments to live. She did not want the senior pup to die alone in the shelter, so she adopted him to give him a forever home. It seems that Cazan is Buddy’s angel, who will be there for him when his time comes.

“What started as kind of as a little thing has turned now into a really big thing. We are just having so much fun with it and using it as kind of a platform to educate people about rescue, specifically senior rescue, and how much joy that they can bring to your life,” Cazan said.

Watch Buddy’s awesome bucket list in the news video below!

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