Woman Tries To Kill Her Dog, Then A Police Officer Shows Up And Does The Unthinkable!


We hear lots of stories about those police officers who mistreat dogs and abuse them, we heard so many times about officers who abused K9 dogs, and also those who shoot dogs with their weapons. But on the other hand, we find those amazing officers who are proving that there is still some kindness.


It all started when a human monster was very cruel to her dog, the 22-year-old girl from Ohio tried to break her dog’s neck before heartlessly throwing her in a dumpster. Thankfully, the dog survived and this action led her to 6 months sentence in jail for the horrible thing she did to her dog.


However, the story didn’t end here; it rather started when a police officer went to the place after a maintenance worker called them when he first saw the dog. The dog was in horrible condition and was near death. Needless to say, the officer didn’t hesitate to help the poor dog.

Officer Chris Santimarino rushed to the veterinary hospital for the medical check for Honey the dog. An unexpected thing happened; the officer fell in love immediately with the dog, so he decided to adopt her and, give her a forever home along with the unconditional love she deserves. He knew exactly what she needs after the horrible experience she had to go through.


Now Honey is a part of the kind-hearted officer’s family. While she still has a long way to recover, it doesn’t matter, love can conquer it all, and, hopefully, the dog will recover soon. What matters the most is that she is finally in good hands.

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