You won’t believe how much dogs this guy is controlling!


Maybe it’s the hardest thing ever and it’s like entering a challenge in taking control, it is that moment you decide to take your dog to have a walk outside. You have to take care of children in the streets and also old people. Especially when you have kids, you have to take care of everything, your kids and your dog .What if you own two dogs, what about three? What about 5 dogs? What about 16 dogs? It’s completely unbelievable but it’s true.

In this video, you will see the most incredible thing of all; this owner is controlling all 16 dogs in a very adorable way. And the most surprising thing ever? He did all of this without leash, they are like packs that are following their leader. What the owner did is adorable, he decided to start a sporting day with them, they start with biking and then swimming, they are amazing, and the way he pets them and cuddle with them is just adorable. They are organized, and well trained, also they are well cared of, and they are really the most amazing dogs ever. That’s what I call “The off the Leash Control”

It’s the biggest dream of every owner to walk with his dog without a leash. It’s easy or possible to train your dog to walk without a leash; it will make them feel more free and confident. It’s very easy to train your dog on this; it just needs a lot of patience and also a lot of treats, it’s for encouragement.

This man is not the only one who tried the off leashes control, the man in this adorable video is controlling his 5 German shepherd dogs without a leash, and the way they all walk together in the streets is amazing. Go watch it yourself, you will feel like WOW!