You have to stop whatever you are doing and watch this adorable baby elephant, it will make your day.

Nothing is more adorable than watching the amazing moments in the animal kingdom between different types of animals. Have you ever seen a bird that is playing with a baby elephant? It’s time to see one now, get ready because this little elephant will make your day.


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Actually, this baby elephant decided to have a special playful time with a group of flying birds. Some Safari-goers were there and captured this one minute video to share with the world, to show how adorable elephants are. The little baby elephant was playing around with birds, he was trying to chase them away.


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This video is truly wonderful, who can stop smiling while watching a thing that is related to the Elephants Kingdom? They are very smart and strong animals. There are so many unknown facts about elephants that you will be totally surprised when you know them. There are only two types of elephants, African elephants, where both males and females have tusks and the Asian elephant where only the male elephant has tusks.


An elephant’s lifespan is about 44 years. Elephants are the biggest mammals in the world. Sometimes elephants use their tusks to dig for water and food. Surprisingly, elephants can drink about 210 liter of water daily. The elephant trunk can reach about 2 meters, and it can weigh till 140 kg. The elephant’s ear is big and thin; it’s all made from blood vessels, which actually helps the elephant to reach the normal body temperature. Elephants are good at swimming; they can use their trunks to breathe from.

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