You need to see this Car safety test for pet restraints, if you drive with your pet

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We all take our pets out for drives to the vet, park, or friend’s house. This might put them in danger. So we should all pay more attention to our beloved’s safety when transporting them in our cars.

While cars and car seats are tested to guarantee safety requirements during a car crash and other devices that restrain pets. In an effort to substantiate restraint-manufacturer, The Center for Pet Safety (CPS), a nonprofit research and advocacy organization, lately tested many popular pet crates and small carriers to check how well they would hold up in vehicle collisions. The results were eye-opening.

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In a partnership with Subaru in America, the results of the 2015 crash-test study revealed that several pet products which say they secure cats and dogs in cars, do not protect our pets properly! The Center for Pets Safety (CPS) used weighted dogs stuffed figures. No real animals were used in these tests.

Taking eight models of carriers, they simulated a front crash at speeds of 30 mph. The dogs and cats needed to be fully contained with the carriers otherwise the carrier couldn’t be considered safe. Unfortunately, only two carriers successfully met CPS’s safety criteria.

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The Center for Pet Safety (CPS) also tested pet travel seats, but these products couldn’t withstand these safety tests. The Center for Pet Safety (CPS) published the results of their tests which showed that although products may keep the pets safe in the car, many will not provide the competent protection in a crash.

If you are a pet owner, you have to thoroughly research the products before purchasing them.  Ensure that these are the best for your pets.