Lucky you are when you find your dog soon after losing it, especially in water!

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Nearby the Italian cost, sailing club members were enjoying a boating trip in the Naples Gulf when they observed something moving in the water. Strangely, a mile away off shore in the open waters, they found a little puppy struggling alone fighting to float through the rolling waves.

With almost paralyzed legs, because of the cold water, and looking obviously exhausted and trembled, the fighting dog kept paddling toward them with hope to be rescued.



With gazing eyes toward the sailors, the dog succeeded to approach the boat. He was picked up out of the chilly water, has his fur dried, and held for warmth. After getting comfortable, her rescuers called a rescue boat to take him back to shore.

The sailors were wondering how the dog had been lost out in the open waters. After they were back on shore, the rescuers curiosity was answered.  Noodle was the dog’s name, and she had been reported lost earlier.  Mario Di Meglio, the puppy’s owner, said that he was on his way back home with his beloved pet Noodle, when she fell during the ferry’s ride from Naples to the island of Ischia.


Soon after the dog was reported lost, the ferry company had to launch an internal investigation of course.  They apologized to Meglio for alerting them yet they convinced him that his dog already drowned.

Meglio was lucky, as the sailing club members have found Noodle out there in sea only half an hour after falling.