You will be surprised to know what they found on the road !

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Watching this horse rescue mission will worm your heart.

It starts when a man was driving down the highway, on a peaceful trip with friends, and nothing to worry about.

Far in the distance, and out of nowhere, a tiny spot appeared. At first, the driver assumed it was another car. Upon approaching , the spot was clearly not a car, it was a baby horse!

The little horse looked scared.  Near by the mother horse looked helpless, too.  She was worried and  standing trapped behind the metal rail.

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They were only ten feet apart and divided by a metal rail, yet they reacted like they were miles apart.  Panic and fear struck both animals.  They could do nothing to help the other.

The driver got closer and attempted to help the poor horse.  The baby horse was terrified because he could not get to the other side, and like dogs, he ran away with fear.

Fortunately, the man succeeded to rescue the terrified horse.  Using almost all of his strength he lifted the baby horse over the metal rail.

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The crises was over and the dog was reunited with its mother.  I can’t help but imagine the conversation that went on between the mother and the horse.  “Haven’t I told you stop being too curious?” the mom said.  To which the replied with, “Mom, I just wanted to see the cars closer!”

Both horses leaped back and joined their family.

Every human should show such noble actions towards animals and all living being. We show love and passion as a symbol of power; it was so sweet to watch the baby rescued safely.