you will think it’s a very normal video, till the owner of this greyhound dog puts her on the ground

greyhound doggreyhound dog

For the first while you will think that everything is going normally, and you will think that this greyhound dog is a very normal dog that her owner holding her as a part of cuddling, and you will think that it’s a very ordinary video, but the truth is that this dog has only two legs, and both are in the right side. In the start of this video you will find that the lady is holding the greyhound dog, but that second she puts him on the ground, you will find the truth. Sadly, Dominick the greyhound dog had a horrible accident that lead to this. But besides all this, Dominick the greyhound dog is a very spiritual dog, he loves his life, and he loves to have fun and enjoy her time. Dominick the greyhound dog faced his disabilities, he is very courageous. He knows how to live his life, run, play and have fun. I am sure that his owners loving and caring for him very much, they are lucky to own this beautiful greyhound dog.

Greyhounds are one of the well-known dog breads; this bread is a very old European; their life span is about 12 to 15 years old. They are used a lot for hunting and chasing because they are so fast, their speed can reach 40 to 45 miles per hour, and they are used in races sometimes. They are the Ferrari dogs, but behind all that, they are very cute pets with good tempers. They are sweet and mild nature.

greyhound dog
greyhound dog