You won’t believe what this pit bull dog found in the bushes.

4-20-2015 5-49-04 PM

This story is showing how amazing pit bulls are, and this story is the proof. It all started when a 89-year-old woman was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, one day, the woman went missing for hours, no one ever could find her, she was sick, and in lots of pain, it seemed that the woman had wandered away from home, and her family was very worried about her.
But what this pit bull dog did was amazing; Remy the pit bull dog woke its owner and led her to a bush, the owner couldn’t understand why her dog is acting like this, and they found the woman lying on the cold ground. The woman made it to the woods and she couldn’t go back to her home. When they asked the woman what happened, she couldn’t remember the truth about what happened, but she said that she is very thankful for the pit bull who led her back to her home.

The story is amazing, this woman could have been dead or still lost by now, but Remy the pit bull saved her life. The owner said that lots of people were asking her why she owns a pit bull dog. Pit bull dogs are one of the kindest and faithful dogs; people think that they are wild, that’s why they submit them in fights. It leads to a breed discrimination for Pit Bull dogs that is born in the United States. Sadly, it leads sometimes for many pets’ owners to be forced to leave their beloved pets due to this breed-specific legislation. Now, pit bull is targeted to this breed discrimination, before this, there were German shepherd, Doberman and Dalmatians or any big dog breed.

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