your dog is stubborn? Here are the 10 most stubborn dog breeds


The fact is that all the dogs are gentle, loyal, and sweet, but some breeds have got lots of differences in their temperaments, and some of them have a stubborn temper. So how can you deal with your stubborn dog and what are the dog breeds that are known mostly for being stubborn?


Beagle dog is one of the most beautiful dogs, if you have one, you should appreciate it, you are very lucky. They are a sweet family member, the more you appreciate your beagle, the more love it will give.

male english bulldog

English bulldog is very intelligent, and adventurous. You have to be a good owner, appreciating your dog so he will listen to you.


Dachshund dogs are happiness; they are big dogs in a small body. They are very strong and protective despite their tiny bodies.


Jack Russell Terrier is very tough, playful, energetic and smart.


Rottweiler is a strong dog who is amazing for family, and they need lots of training to gain obedience from them.


Argentinean Mastiff is independent and strong; they need good training and also need lots of exercising.


Chinese Shar Pei is an ancient Chinese breed and they are very independent. By good training and being a faithful friend, you will gain their loyalty.


Afghan hound is also one of the most ancient breeds, and it requires lots of training


Scottish terrier is an independent breed, they are strong, and they are not very interested in people that they don’t know or those who are not inside of their own circles.


Weimaraner is very smart and independent, that’s why they need a fun training schedule.

Despite what your dog’s breed is, you can gain their obedience by treating them well, and giving them endless care and love. Good training is essential, so prepare your treats and start.

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