Your pup’s favorite activity reveals their personality

All dogs are known to have common behaviors, such as their love to run around, and their tendencies to show affection. While these adorable creatures cannot express all the thoughts in their little heads, they are just as nuanced as humans are. If you have owned a dog, then you know that dogs have their own personalities, which differ from pooch to another.

Luckily, there are some awesome and valuable behavioral studies about dogs, and this kind of research is important for any dog owner to know.  Just like this study that reveals a lot about pups depending on their favorite sleeping positions. Thankfully, animal behaviorists are forever helping dog owners to figuring their canine friends temperament.

One of the best ways for a dog owner to know more about his or her pup is to keep an eye on them at all times.  Although dogs might not know what a hobby is, this does not mean they cannot have some, and there are many things we can learn through observing them practice their favorite activity.

Your pup could be included in a certain category depending on his or her way of spending the day; any pup might be a lazy bones, social butterfly, or a lovebug, or even much more! Keep reading through this exclusive list below to learn more about your dog’s personality from his or her favorite pastime activity!


1. Socializing


If your pup likes to run towards fellow dogs to say hi, that means you probably have a true social butterfly pooch. This social behavior is the crucial sign of an extrovert, and this kind of pup loves to share toys, and knows how to initiate lots of fun.

While most breeds of dogs are friendly, Labradors and some other spaniel breeds are just relentless when it comes to pursuing friendship of other pups. These super social pups love to be with big families, the more, the merrier!

If you own a pooch, and he or she seems to leap at a chance to go out for a day-date or a doggy daycare, you should consider adopting a brother or sister!